List of Top 5 Top Educational Channels to Clarify Your Concerns

Education is a basic need for today’s generation. One should have the appropriate education to be successful. People go to schools and colleges to study. Sometimes, it is hard for some students to understand the lessons taught to them, and they have to spend on coaching.

YouTube has solved the problem for many students struggling with their education. Many educators make Educational videos on YouTube to clear the doubts and concepts of students. Many students crack their examinations with the help of these videos, and many students are dependent on YouTube for their studies after the lockdown.

It is hard to find a channel according to your field and standard. Many teachers upload videos of different streams and grades, and students cannot find the channels they want. This blog will provide you with a list of the top 5 educational channels with their link to make your job easier. Here are the top 5 educational channels that will help you clear your doubts. Enjoy reading!


VERITASIUM educational youtube channel

Veritasium is an education channel based on science videos. This channel has videos in which experts share their experiences and knowledge. The owner of this channel is Derek Muller. Mostly, you will get to see physics videos on this channel, but Derek also uploads videos related to biology and physics. So, if you have doubts about science and want to be good at science, this channel will help you. For more knowledge, you can subscribe to this channel with the help of the link given below.

Channel link: Veritasium Science and engineering videos


TED-ED educational youtube channel

TED-ED is an initiative taken by TED. It is a YouTube channel on which they upload short educational videos. The best part of this channel is that they give us ideas we can implement in real life. Their team has teachers and students who come up with innovative ideas and lessons. Their lessons are informative and helpful to the students. So, if you want to learn things practically, visit this channel today. You can subscribe to this channel with the help of the link given below.

Channel link: TED-Ed

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AsapSCIENCE Educational YouTube Channel

Do you hesitate while asking doubts in your science class? If yes, then AsapSCIENCE is the channel for you. This channel uploads videos covering topics never asked in a science class. The way of explanation is simple and digestible. The length of videos is generally short so that the student doesn’t get bored. We recommend all science lovers visit this channel for better understanding. To subscribe to this channel, you can click the link given below.

Channel link: AsapSCIENCE

4) Smarter Everyday Education Channel:


SmarterEveryday is an Educational channel. Destin Sandlin (A rocket scientist and engineer) is the owner of this channel. This channel is one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube. Destin loves solving doubts and making things simpler for his students. This channel has experimental, educational, and humorous videos. So, if you want to learn new things about science, you should subscribe to this channel ASAP.

Channel link: SmarterEveryDay

5) C.G.P. Grey

C.G.P. Grey YouTube Channel

Have a look at this channel if you want to learn things entertainingly. This channel uploads videos in which they entertainingly cover topics. It is an adult channel on which you will see simple animated videos. So, if you find studying boring, subscribe to this channel today. You can subscribe to this channel with the help of the link given below.

Channel link: CGP Grey

We have tried our best to clear up your confusion regarding educational channels. These channels come under the list of the most popular and trusted educational YouTube channels. These channels will help you in learning and clear your doubts. We hope this blog helps you all. For more informative and knowledgeable blogs, stay updated with YTTrendy.

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