YouTube is one of the most used platforms for research and entertainment in the current generation. People use YouTube on a daily basis and it has become a very useful source of information , knowledge , entertainment , gaming , studies , travelling and many other things.

We all are familiar with the fact that whenever we open and watch a Youtube video our view is recorded and we can see how many people have watched a particular video. So, today’s article is based on the most viewed YouTube videos till date  So let’s discuss the 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos.

Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Times


Total views : 11 billion

Baby shark dance is a kind of poem which entertains children and is available on a South Korean channel named Pinkfong which generally uploads entertainment videos. It became the most viewed video on YouTube in January 2022 .This video was uploaded on June 17 2016 and went viral within a year and it is also the first video to reach 10 billion views on YouTube.

This video is the most viewed video on YouTube because children generally love watching cartoon animations and listening to the poems which are very easy to sing and recite. So this is how this video baby shark dance- pinkfong became the Most Viewed YouTube Videos.

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Total views : 8 billion

Despacito is a song which got so viral that everyone across the country has once heard about this song. It is an american spanish song written by Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee. This song is sung by Luis Fonsi and produced by Maurico Rengito and Andres Torres. Despacito is one of the best songs amongst all the Latin songs and various publications declared it the best song of 2017.

The first Latin song to receive a diamond certification by the recording industry association of America has also crossed the milestone of crossing three,four ,five,six,seven billion views for the first time in history of Youtube and is now the second Most Viewed YouTube Videos.


Total views : 6.6 billion

Johny johny yes papa is one of the most popular poems we all have heard about and children enjoy reciting this poem all the time because it is fun. This poem has reached 6.6 billion views and has placed third in the most viewed videos on YouTube.

Loo Loo kids is a channel which publishes videos for kids like poems, stories etc. and all the videos cross a good target in views and Johny Johny yes papa is one of those videos.


Total views : 5.9 billion

Shape of you is one of those songs which youth enjoyed listening to and it is definitely one of those evergreen songs from which people never get bored or annoyed. That is the reason why it was the best selling in 2017 and second best selling digital song world wide.

This song was on the nerves of people all over the country and people listened to it so much that it became the first song to hit 2 billion streams on spotify and it is currently the most streamed song on the service. It is one of the best compositions of Ed Sheeran and it’s so evergreen that it is still the fourth most viewed video on YouTube even after 6 years.


Total views : 5.9 billion

Bath song is again a poem for children presented in 3-D animation and this video is published on the channel named Cocomelon whose videos are most viewed in the United states and it is the first channel having the highest number of child subscribers. Bath song is the fifth most viewed video on Youtube and the first most viewed video on the channel cocomelon.

So these are the top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Videos from which majority videos are published for children and they are based on the interests of children and all the videos are music videos none of them is a movie or drama or any other thing which shows that people have more interest in music and they love listening to it. So this is an article based on the list of top most viewed YouTube videos of all time. I hope you guys will like it.