Terms of Use


1. If you see some business promotions for some websites on our website then that business can be shown as “we” and/or “our.”

2. A wide range of rights are used in and relating to our website, which is given below:

  • Our trademarks and logos;
  • The content of the web pages on this website, all the web addresses associated with those web pages; and the software used with this website.

3. We are the sole owner of this authorized licensee of these intellectual property rights. You can not copy anything from our website without our permission.


4. If you want to access any content from our website you have to agree with these conditions.

5. We can change any condition at any time without any notice, so please check regularly. If you want to continue to use the website, you agree to every change to these conditions.


6. As we mentioned in our Privacy Policy, we can collect your data and securely use them without harming your privacy and you have to agree with that.

7. You can't use YTTrendy for any of the following:

  • For any illegal use or purpose;
  • To send spam;
  • To harass another person, or with an intent to harm someone’s privacy is unacceptable and damaging to us, our customers, and our suppliers;
  • To create, update, confirm, check, or amend your own or other's databases, folders, transactions, customer lists, prospecting lists, or mailing;
  • To update, or change any content of our website;
  • In all the ways that affect how our website is run;
  • In a way that can make a large burden on us and our suppliers' communication in any bad manner communications and technical systems as defined by us; or
  • To check how our website works or copy the website or any content of our website


8. If you provide any material to this website in any manner you agree to grant us permission to use them and change them free of cost.

9. You use your User content at all times, and you have the right to continue to use it in any way you choose.

10. You have to confirm that your User Content is:

  • You are the original owner of the work and you are authorized to provide it to our website and you give us permission to use it for the purposes set out in these terms;
  • You can't promote any content which is illegal, harmful, misleading, abusive, or defamatory to us and our partners;
  • You can not affect any other person’s privacy rights or any rights;
  • Your content may not contain any virus or code that may damage our website;
  • If you want to promote your business then you have to show the connection to that particular business openly and publicly 
  • Content can't have any form of spamming and mass mailing.
  • If you do not allow us to set out above, please do not provide any content to our website.
  • We do not have the responsibility to publish your User Content on our website and we can remove any User Content at any time and for any reason.
  • We do not review or edit any User Content displayed on the website. If you found any then please inform us will take action on it.


14. You have your own responsibility to use the website at your own risk.

15. We suggest you that do not rely on the website for advice.

16. As relevant rules allow, we do not guarantee that:

  • There will be no troubles that how you use our website; or
  • The devices or server you use for the website is free of viruses or harmful programs.


17. There is no limit to if someone dies or gets injured because of our website

18. We are not responsible for any circumstances that, the owner of this website, any of the sub-companies, employees, or any other organization involved in creating, producing, maintaining, or disturbing the YTTrendy be responsible for any loss of:

  • Gains;
  • Business or business opportunities;
  • Savings;
  • Benevolence;
  • Use of, or crime to, statement; or
  • Details

19. If we do not maintain these requirements, they will only be responsible for losses you have suffered as a direct result. We are not responsible to you for any other losses;

  • If you are using or depending on our website;
  • enable to use our website;
  • If failure to do something, some mistake, any fault, omitting information, virus on our website, or if it can't work because of incidents outside of our control.
  • Ruin of information, stealing, or if someone accesses our records, programs, or services without our grants;
  • If we advertise something on our website and the Goods, products, services, or information received
  • Any content which you email, upload, post, send, repost or distribute using our website.

These all terms and conditions make the whole agreement between you and us in how you use the website. If a court selects that any condition is not valid, then still the rest of the conditions will apply.

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