We see many people making content on YouTube based on different topics. Someone makes cooking videos, and someone makes dancing videos. There are many things based on which people make YouTube videos, like singing, education, motivation, daily vlogs, and podcasts. What if we want to manage two channels or multiple channels on YouTube? There’s a solution to this problem too! Just keep reading this blog.

We will show you how you can create and manage multiple channels on YouTube easily. So let’s get started.

Firstly, figure out whether you need multiple channels on YouTube or not. The answer to this question is that it depends on your content. For example, if you upload videos of dance on your handle, and people like your content, but you don’t have anything else to upload that can attract the audience, then you should stick to one channel only. But if you are good at painting or vlogging, you can create a second channel where you can upload videos of your sketches made by you or upload daily life vlogs on your second channel. So, this is how you can know whether you should have multiple channels on YouTube. Now, let’s discuss the basic steps to create multiple YouTube channels on YouTube.

Following are the easy steps to create multiple channels on YouTube.

Easy steps to create multiple channels on YouTube.

1) Move to settings and click on the account. You will find the ‘Your channels’ list (the number of channels under your account).

2) You will find an option to create a new channel. Click on it.

3) Now, you can create a new channel known as your “New brand” account. Just give it a name of your choice and click create.

These are the basic steps to follow, and you will get your new channel where you can upload brand-new videos.

So, this is the way to create multiple YouTube channels on YouTube. I hope this blog will help you all. You can visit this page for more pieces of information and the latest trends.